In order to help developers tracking dependencies, FASTEN provides a new intelligent package management framework, on top of existing dependency management tools.

The FASTEN European research project wants to support DevOps teams by helping them managing and mastering dependencies, at a finer grain level compare to what they are currently doing.

The FASTEN consortium is preparing an intelligent dependency management solution that will bring innovation such as: a more accurate evaluation of the impact of dependencies, security vulnerabilities, license compliance, risk management, and evaluation of the consequences of library API changes on users.

Dependencies management at package level compared to fine-grained call graph
Dependencies management at package level compared to fine-grained call graph
FASTEN tracks the dependencies in components down to a very fine-grained level — the function, or method.

The project is led by a team of researchers from the Dutch University TU Delft associated with academics in Milan and Athens, industry engineers from SMEs Endocode, SIG, XWiki…

In this article I’ll explain how you can easily stream a prerecorded video on YouTube Live using open source software.

We use it at OW2 for our own online conference: OW2online and as it did run flawlessly I thought it’d be a good idea to share my experience.


Obviously the first step is to create an account on YouTube.

Next you need to create a new stream:

▪ Go to YouTube Studio live:

▪ In the menu in the left click on “Stream” to create a new stream

▪ Configure the new stream:

  • Title: choose a short meaningful title.

How to do it right for a Java web application

What could be simpler than entering your birthday into a form and having it saved and retrieved later as needed? Sure it looks easy. But maybe not.

Here is why just saving and displaying back a simple date of birth can be a nightmare for a geographically diverse organization.

Consider a Bonita BPM application deployed worldwide, with 3 different environments, each one in a different time zone:

  • the end user’s computer, tablet, or phone
  • the Java EE application server that hosts the Bonita BPM web application
  • the RDBMS that stores your business data

When date-of-birth information makes its way from…

Antoine Mottier

Antoine is CTO at OW2, a consortium promoting open source and providing projects hosting. He shares his expertise in software development and open source.

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